My philosophy on fly tying is to tie flies that resemble the naturals (fish food).  This resemblance is more suggestive than an exact imitation which makes for a fine blend between the art of fly tying and the science of entomology. 

A photo of the natural accompanies each fly pattern below. I hope you can see the similarity that I see. 


Bull Trout flies

Stillwater flies

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Western Green Drake

CR Black Spinner

Maroon Leech II

Furry Foam Dragon

Gray drake

Blue Wing Olive

Mahogany Dun

Aqua Seal Boatman

Marabou Damsel

Pale Morning Dun

Brown Drake


Northern BC Copper John

Whitefish Dynamite

Black & Silver Minnow

BT Grayling

PG Green Chromie


Fly Tying

Salmonfly nymph

TC Leech

Traveling Sedge

Bo3 pupa

Cinnamon Caddis

Skwala Stimulator

Stream flies

Isoperla Stone

Lime Sally

Isoperla Nymph

Pink Dot

October Caddis

Skwala nymph

Grannom caddis larva

BWO nymph

Clinger nymph



WGD nymph

Green Rock Worm

Late Summer Sedge

Black Dancer

Net-Spinning Caddis

Grannom Adult



Olive Sally


Coming soon

Coming soon