BT Grayling

One of my favourite bull trout flies for larger rivers.


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2010

Shank: Senyo 40mm Steelhead Shank

Hook #1 Gamakatsu Octopus

Trailer: Senyo's trailer hook wire

Thread: Uni clear mono size 4m

Eye: Dumbbell eyes onto the bottom of the shank

Under body: Pearl mylar tubing


1.Two six inch long blue grizzly hackles. I use blue koolaid to dye the feathers

2. Pearl polarflash

3.Two six inch blue hackles

4.Pearl krystalflash

5.Yellow bucktail

6.Black bucktail

Head: To finish the fly I use silver metallic braid to cover the tips of the bucktail and other materials. I then use a bit of loctite super glue to seal everything.