Skwala stoneflies belong to the family Perlodidae also known as the Large Springflies. Skwalas are the first hatch of big insects in rivers, and in the Prince George area they hatch during the first half of May. You may see some as early as late April.  As they hatch early most rivers are not fishable yet, but they do provide the first opportunity to fish dry flies.

The males are around 15mm in the length and the females 20-25mm. Although fairly large these stoneflies are much smaller than Salmonflies and Goldenstones that hatch later in the season.


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2016

Hook: #8 TMC 200R BL

Thread: 6/0 olive (abdomen) 6/0 yellow (thorax)

Tail: Brown uni-flexx

Abdomen: Dark olive dubbing and black foam

Ribbing: Yellow embroidery thread

Wing: gray poly yarn

Legs: Brown uni-flexx

Thorax: Amber dubbing and black foam