For some fishing is what keeps them sane (aqua therapy), but during long winter months  when the rivers and lakes are covered in ice, cabin fever may set in. Preventative measures to combat this fever include tying flies, reminiscing about the past fishing season, and writing about fishing. This blog is a collection of my attempts at writing about fishing.

Hatch Charts of northern BC: Blackwater, Crooked and Stellako rivers

World of Nymphing: Part I European Nymphing

Indicatorology: Using strike Indicators

Sailfin of the North: Fly-fishing for Arctic Grayling

Fly-fishing for Mountain Whitefish

World of Nymphing: Part II N. American Nymphing

Does Sticker Price Affect Casting Distance?

Textured fly lines

Exploring Turnagain by Horse and Beaver

Dying your own yellow feathers

Fly-fishing Devon, England

A blog about fishing

Testing a new experimental fly-line

Psychology of Dry Fly Fishing

Articles published in magazines


Cabin Fever Studies


Indicatorology 2.0

Stream Craft

The Art of Reading Streams

In search of northern BC Bulls

Small Nymphs for Huge Results

Stoneflies, Stimulators and Happy Anglers

Fly-Fishing for Bull Trout

Mayflies for breakfast, lunch,

and dinner

Six Caddisflies for BC Streams

Situational Nymphing