Aqua Seal Boatman

I routinely fish this fly during the month of September to imitate water boatman.  Fishing the boatman hatch can be one of the most exciting times for fly anglers as trout throw caution to the wind during a boatman hatch leading too some ferocious and very hard takes.  I usually fish it with a floating line and long leader or a clear intermediate fly line.  My retrieve usually is a fast paced figure eight retrieve, a pause for 5 seconds, and an occasional 4 inch strip.  What I like about this fly is the addition of aqua seal that essentially makes the fly last forever.


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2008

Hook: #10 TMC 2487 

Thread: 6/0 yellow

Weight: (Optional) a few wraps of 0.03 lead wire

Under body: Yellow dubbing to form the body

Body: Very thin white packing foam

Back: Brown stretch flex

Legs: Brown Uni-flex

Tying notes: Before adding the legs I cover the fly with a little aqua seal and let dry for 5 minutes on a rotisserie wheel/epoxy wheel.  I then insert the legs using a needle that I push right through the fly.