Brown Drake


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2014

Hook: #10 TMC 2312 

Thread: #8/0 yellow

Tail: Golden brown deer hair

Body: PMD superfine dubbing

Ribbing: Brown embroidery thread

Hackle: One ginger and one brown hackle

Wing: Golden brown deer hair

After 10 years in Prince George I was surprised to find a hatch of mayflies I did not think was in the Prince George area. In July 2014 Brown Drakes (Ephemera simulans) were coming back to lay their eggs at one of the local streams. Trout were rising everywhere sipping these large mayflies. The closest imitation I had to this mayfly was a Western Green Drake dry fly that allowed me to join the party. However, I felt I need a better imitation for any future encounters. So, I developed the Brown Drake and on one afternoon in early July 2016 I had such a day…