Brown Drake


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2014

Hook: #10 TMC 2312 

Thread: #8/0 yellow

Tail: Golden brown deer hair

Body: PMD superfine dubbing

Ribbing: Brown embroidery thread

Hackle: One ginger and one brown hackle

Wing: Golden brown deer hair

Brown Drakes (Ephemera simulans) are large mayflies – the largest of the stream dwelling mayflies in British Columbia. This long and slender mayfly is best imitated by tying imitations onto 3X long size ten hooks. The nymphs have pale yellow bodies, and tan-brownish thorax and legs. The wings of both the duns and spinners are clear with distinctive brown marks. The abdomen is a pale yellow with brown markings on the dorsal and ventral sides. Peaking in the month of July, Brown Drakes hatch in the afternoon and into the early evening. The nymphs swim fast to the surface where the duns break through the surface to fly away quickly.