Skwala nymph

Skwala stoneflies have gained a reputation over the years as thé early season hatch to fish on some rivers in Montana. Although widespread across British Columbia, Skwalas are not as prominent here as they are not as abundant and the spring season takes a little longer to warm up. It does not help that the Skwala emergence is often just before the spring freshet and during the spring fishing closure on some rivers.

Skwalas start to emerge as early as the beginning of March in the south of BC and as late as May further north in the province. In BC there is an opportunity to fish this hatch on rivers open to fishing in that small window after winter and before the freshet truly starts.


Hook: #8 TMC 200R BL

Thread: 6/0 Burnt orange

Head: 5/32 gold tungsten bead

Abdomen: Brown Arizona simiseal dubbing

Thorax: Golden stonefly dubbing

Underbody thorax: 0.03 lead wire

Ribbing: Medium yellow wire

Wingcase: 1⁄4” tan scud back such as those made by Hareline Dubbing Inc

Legs: Camel Stretch Flexx by Uni

Tail: Orange goose biots