Western Green Drake

During late June and early July rivers around Prince George, especially the nutrient rich rivers, have pretty good Western Green Drake (Drunella grandis) hatches. Although these mayflies are fairly large some anglers on occasion will confuse it with the Flav hatch (Drunella flavilinea) that happens in August. Flavs look like Western Green Drakes but are quite a bit smaller.

To imitate Drunella grandis I developed the following pattern to imitate the newly hatched dun. 


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2003

Hook: #10 Mustad 94840 

Thread: 6/0 olive

Tail:  Moose hair

Body: Dark brown or olive dubbing with yellow embroidery thread

Wing: Gray poly yarn

Hackle: One medium brown and one yellow grizzly hackle