Traveling Sedge


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2016

Hook: #6 TMC 2302

Thread: 6/0 Olive

Eyes: Burnt brown D-rib

Thorax: Fine black pearl chenille

Underbody abdomen: 0.03 lead wire shape to form a caddis abdomen

Three options for abdomen colour

Option 1:

Abdomen: Caddis green dubbing

Ribbing: Tan embroidery thread

Option 2:

Abdomen: Caddis green dubbing

Ribbing: Yellow embroidery thread

Option 3:

Abdomen: Brown Olive dubbing

Ribbing: Green embroidery thread

Wingcase: 1⁄8” olive scudback

Legs: Natural Hungarian partrdige

Antennae: Mallard flank wood duck

The traveling sedge or giant case maker caddis is one of the largest species in the caddisfly order. A few lakes around Prince George have good hatches of traveling sedges, and if you can time it right there is good fishing to be had.

I developed this fly from a few other patterns: The lead underbody design was borrowed from Ken Baker's Sheridan Sedge; the colour for the abdomen (green rib) is from Brian Chan's Kamloops pupa; and some of the overall design features is heavily influenced by a caddis pupa pattern tied by Davie McPhail.