Clinger Nymph

Mayfly clinger nymphs have a flat wide profile. This allow them to cling to rocks in riffles where the water is fast flowing. To imitate these nymphs I tie my clinger nymphs with a wide profile. To do this I use a bead that are over-sized relative to the rest of the fly. I also tie the rest of the fly to have a rotund profile.


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Hook: #12 TMC 2587 (#14)

Thread: 6/0 fire orange

Bead: 1/8 copper tungsten (7/64)

Tail: Black Krystal flash

Abdomen: blood leech simi seal dubbing

Ribbing:  Small copper brown wire

Thorax: 0.03 (0.025) lead wire and blood simi seal

Legs: Black Krystal flash

Wingcase: Black holographic tinsel