Black Dancer Caddis


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2019

Hook: #16 Mustad 94840

Thread: 8/0 Black

Abdomen: Black superfine dubbing

Wing: Two black CDC

Pink spot: Pink egg yarn

Legs: Black CDC

Black Dancer caddisflies of the Genus Mystacides belong to the long horn caddisfly family Leptoceridae. This caddis has extraordinarily long antennae with black wings, and they fly erratically along the shoreline vegetation. To imitate this caddis use fly patterns tied onto size 16 and 18 hooks.

The larvae of Black Dancers build long narrow tubes using conifer needles, other organic matter, and small pebbles. Look for the larvae in slower moving water such as back eddies and shallow water closer to shore.

When ready to hatch, the pupae swim to the surface where the adult emerges in open water. This hatch takes place in the mornings from June to July. To lay their eggs, the females return in the early evening to deposit them on the surface.