Salmonfly nymph

Stoneflies belonging to the Genus Pteronarcys (Salmonflies) are easily recognized by their large size and solid black colour. These long slender stonefly nymphs can reach lengths that can exceed 5cm.

After four years in the river the nymphs will crawl to shore to hatch, usually from May to June. The adults are equally as large and have a distinct pink/salmon colour on the ventral side of their abdomen, hence the name Salmonfly.

There are probably dozens of patterns available that imitate these giants of the aquatic insect world. Below is my version on this theme. The recipe for the Salmonfly nymph is very similar to the Gingerstone recipe, but with a black theme.


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2002

Hook: #6 or #8 TMC 200R BL

Thread: 6/0 Black

Head: 3/16 black tungsten bead for the #6 hook, 5/32 for a size 8

Overbody: Black dubbing

Underbody: 0.02 lead wire

Ribbing: Medium copper wire

Wingcase: 1⁄4” tan scud back such as those made by Hareline Dubbing Inc

Legs: Black Stretch Flexx by Uni

Tail: Black goose biots