Bo3 Caddis Pupa (Bastard of 3 pupa)


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2016

Hook: #12-14 Mustad C67S

Thread: 6/0 Olive

Eyes: x-small plastic dumbbell eyes

Abdomen underbody: 0.03 lead wire shape to form a caddis abdomen. See Ken Baker's Sheridan sedge on how lead is added.

Ribbing: small gold wire (colour options 1 & 2)

Three options for abdomen and thorax colour

Option 1:

Abdomen: Caddis green dubbing

Thorax: Brown olive dubbing

Option 2:

Abdomen: Brown olive dubbing

Thorax: Dark tan dubbing

Option 3:

Abdomen: Brown Olive dubbing

Thorax: Dark tan dubbing

Ribbing: Green embroidery thread

Wingcase: 1⁄8” olive scudback

Legs: Natural Hungarian partridge, look for the white feathers with brown markings. The legs are tied in just after finishing the abdomen and before starting the thorax.

Wings: Brown Hungarian partridge, look for the brown feathers to use as wings. The wings are added after the thorax is dubbed, but before the wingcase is finished off at the head.

Antennae: Mallard flank wood duck fibres

A generic caddis pupa pattern that can be used for both rivers and lakes. Although I primarily use it for rivers.

This fly is an adaptation from a few other patterns: The lead underbody design was borrowed from Ken Baker's Sheridan Sedge; the colour for the abdomen (green rib) is from Brian Chan's Kamloops pupa; and some of the overall design features is heavily influenced by a caddis pupa pattern tied by Davie McPhail.