Olive Sally

In British Columbia Sallies emergence peaks at the beginning of July, but you may see some as early as April at lower elevations, and as late as August at higher elevations and further north.

You find Sallies along sections of streams where there is plant growth close to the shoreline. Wide-open exposed runs with big gravel bars are not going to shelter a lot of Sallies. Especially the Olive Sallies, who are abundant and a quick perusal of the riparian vegetation almost always reveals a few Olives Sallies, scurrying away. The best success with Sally dry flies is during the egg-laying flights of females in the afternoon and early evening. Adult Sallies are imitated with flies that are slender in appearance and tied onto size 16 and 18 hooks.

courtesy of Len Cook


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2016

Hook: #18 TMC 2312 

Thread: 10/0 black

Abdomen: Olive dry fly dubbing

Hackle: Dark dun dry fly hackle

Wing: Olive synthetic fibres

Antennae: Pearl crystal flash

Tails: Pearl crystal flash