Although the majority, if not all, of the golden stonefly nymph patterns are very effective in catching trout, I have not been satisfied with the colours of the dubbing used in tying them.  When in the water the colour of the fly often changes slightly, making it a lesser imitation of the natural. This is especially true after observing the effect of water  on the colour of dubbing used in tying golden stonefly nymphs.  After experimenting with a few different colours of sparkle dubbing, the Ginger Stone was born.


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2002

Hook: #6 or #8 TMC 200R BL

Thread: 6/0 Tan

Head: 3/16 gold bead for the #6 hook, 5/32 for a size 8

Overbody: Ginger dubbing (Super bright dubbing by Wapsi, code: SBD042)

Underbody: 0.02 lead wire

Ribbing: Medium copper wire

Wingcase: 1⁄4” tan scud back such as those made by Hareline Dubbing Inc

Legs: Brown round rubber and light brown hackle fibers

Tail: Brown goose biots