Black and Silver Minnow

I developed over the last two years a real fascination with Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus).  These fish are very majestic and absolutely beautiful fish.  Once you have figured out the type of habitat they prefer and how to fish for them they can become fairly easy prey to anglers.  This is somewhat ironic given that Bull Trout is most often the dominant predator in rivers and streams.

From my experience it seems that Bull Trout prefer fly patterns with black. After some experimentation I found that when I include silver and a small amount of red the fish just cannot resist this fly.


Originator: Danie Erasmus


Hook: #2 Mustad 79580 or equivalent 

Thread: 6/0 black

Weight: Fluorescent yellow lead eyes tied onto the bottom of the hook shank

Head: Medium black and red chenille

Collar: Red hackle and four pieces of crystal flashabou

Body: Medium silver chenille

Back: Black rabbit strip

Tail: Black polar bear hair and black rabbit strip