Maroon Leech II


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2005

Hook: #8-10 Mustad 9672 

Thread: 6/0 black

Tail: Marabou in wine colour

Weight: Silver bead and 5 wraps of 0.03 lead wire tied in at the head

Body: Arizona Simi Seal dubbing in blood leech tied in using a dubbing loop.

Leeches are usually mottled or striped with gray, brown, black or olive bodies. They also often have streaks of yellow, black, red, or orange.

There are three families of leeches in BC:

Family: Glossiphoniidae

Clear blood, carnivores, non-swimmers, curl in a ball when disturbed

Family: Erpobdellidae 

Redblood, carnivores and parasites, and good swimmers

Family: Piscicolidae

Clear blood, parasites, non-swimmers, curl in ball when disturbed