Mahogany Dun


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2007

Hook: #14-16 Mustad 94840 

Thread: 8/0 black

Tail: Dark dun hackle fibres

Body: Superfine dark brown dubbing

Wing: Blue hackle tips

Hackle: One brown and one dark dun hackle

I designed this fly to imitate a mayfly that hatches occasionally on a few streams around Prince George, BC. I am not sure if this mayfly is indeed from the Genus Paraleptoplebia, the true Mahogany Dun, but due to its very dark reddish-brown coloured abdomen and prominent eyes I am inclined to call it a Mahogany dun. Both trout and mountain whitefish seem to key in on this insect when it does hatch.