Vivian Lake typically comes ice-off about the same time as Eena Lake.  Like Eena Lake, Vivian Lake is close to Prince George making it an excellent evening fishery, especially during May and June when there’s daylight until 10 pm.  Another reason why I like this lake so much is the fact that it gets stocked with the Pennask strain - my favourite Rainbow Trout strain for lakes. The Pennask strain is very acrobatic and will leap up to 2 feet out of the water when hooked, and to cap it off this strain will go for long screaming runs.

This lake is best fished from a float tube or pontoon boat with limited shore fishing at the boat launches or beaches.  You can also launch a small boat from a trailer as long as the outboard is smaller than 10hp.

Vivian Lake has  a good supply of leeches and very good chironomid hatches.  It is therefore no surprise that my biggest success has been with chironomid pupa imitations.