Eena Lake typically comes ice-off about 2 weeks after Dragon Lake.  It’s only 25 km northwest of Prince George and its close proximity makes for an excellent evening fishery after work, especially during May and June when there’s daylight until 10 pm.  However, due to its easy access, Eena Lake also receives a lot of fishing pressure.  The average size of fish is around 14” but you may catch the occasional 18-19” fish.  This lake is best fished from a float tube or pontoon boat with limited shore fishing at the boat launch.  You can also launch a small boat from a trailer as long as it is a rowboat or powered by an electric motor.

This lake has lots of leeches, good chironomid hatches and a fair supply of freshwater shrimp.  These staples are further supplemented with a mayfly hatch in June and sometimes in early July.  In late September, early October you may find a #14 cinnamon/rusty coloured Caddis hatching.  Fishing during July, August and early September is usually slow. 

Fly patterns that I found to be successful include: the Maroon or Black Leech #1 and #2, small (#10) Olive Woolly Bugger, Bloodworm, Chromie and Icecream Cone.  I also caught the occasional fish on a Lady McConnell dry fly when there were heavy chironomid hatches.  I have fished with scud (freshwater shrimp) imitations numerous times but never had much luck - even when throat samples showed that the fish were feeding heavily on shrimp I still caught more fish on a leech pattern than scud imitations.