Equipment required

This course is classroom-based. Students only need to bring stationery.

Enrolment: minimum 5 students, no more than 20 students

Day and time: Saturday 9am to 4pm

Dates: TBA.

Please contact UNBC Continuing Studies

Match the Hatch I –Stillwater Entomology for Anglers

The following will be covered:

-Anatomy and cycles of stillwaters

-Leeches, chironomids, mayflies, damselflies, dragonflies, scuds, and waterboatman


     Fishing tactics

     Fly patterns

This course is geared towards intermediate fly anglers who are interested in developing a greater appreciation for stillwater entomology and fishing techniques. Four two-hour classes will cover the major stillwater food of trout.  Flies and tactics are also covered in this course.