WGD Nymph

Originator: Danie Erasmus

Brown Variety

Hook: #12 Mustad 9672

Thread: 8/0 black

Weight: 0.015 Lead wire full length of shank and wrapped back to form thorax

Bead:1/8 tungsten gold bead

Tail: Rusty brown pheasant tail fibres

Abdomen: Arizona simi seal dubbing Pheasant tail dubbing, or you wrap pheasantail fibres to form abdomen

Thorax: Peacock herl

Legs: Brown Stretch flex

Ribbing: Medium wine colour wire

Wingcase: Stalcups flashback -gray

Tying notes: You can cover the dorsal side of the fly with UV knot sense to make the fly last longer.

The WGD nymph imitates the Western Green Drake nymph. This crawler mayfly is fairly big with strong legs to hang onto rock in the fast current.