Dragon Lake Nymph


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2007

Hook: #10-12 TMC 2302 

Thread: 8/0 olive

Tail: A few olive mallard flank tips

Abdomen: Olive rabbit fir dubbing

Thorax:  Dark dun rabbit fir dubbing or you can use peacock herl

Wingcase: Olive pheasant tail tips

Legs: Olive pheasant tail tips

I do not consider myself a Dragon Lake junkie but at the end of the year when I page through my fishing journal I realize that I fish Dragon Lake at least four times a year.  The reason for this is that Dragon Lake becomes ice-free long before other lakes in the region, and is the one lake where you can expect good fishing in November. 

During my fishing excursions to Dragon lake I noticed from throat samples that the mayfly nymphs of this lake has a distinct olive colour to them.  I also confirmed this with fishing friend Brian Smith who has been using olive coloured mayfly nymphs for years on Dragon Lake.