Dark Blue Dun


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2006

Hook: #12-18 Mustad 94840 

Thread: 8/0 black

Tail: Dark dun hackle fibres

Body: Superfine dark blue dun dubbing

Wing: Dark gray poly yarn or dark blue dun hackle tips

Hackle: Two dark dun hackles

This pattern was developed to imitate this dark gray dun. The flattened head of this specific specimen in the photo above is a clear sign that this species belongs to the clinger mayfly group, of which the Heptageniidae family is the most prominent. Not all duns in this family is as dark as this specimen as some species are quite light like the pale yellow body Pale Evening Dun.

This fly pattern is also a good imitation of Blue Quill duns belonging to two crawler mayflies belonging to the Paraleptophlebia and the Leptophlebia Genera.  

This particular colour mayfly hatches in many streams in the Prince George area.