Carp Lake Hex Dun

I visited Carp Lake the first time in early July 2007.  Arriving at the lake I noticed a number of Hexagenia limbata adults flying around the shoreline. Even though they clearly looked like H. limbata my initial reaction was that it was a different species as I did not think that this species would be this far north.  A throat sample from a rainbow trout containing a few nymphs convinced me that they were indeed H. limbata


Originator: Danie Erasmus

Date: 2009

Hook: #8 TMC 200R BL 

Thread: 6/0 yellow

Tail: Elk hair

Body: Light yellow superfine dubbing for the abdomen and light brown superfine dubbing on dorsal side of abdomen.

Ribbing: #6/0 tan tying thread

Wing: Bleached coastal deer hair

Hackle: Brown and yellow grizzly hackle